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Javascript Library
Jquery :
moo.fx :
dojo toolkit :
mochikit :
JSPON(JavaScript Persistent Object Notation) :
qooxdoo :
JavascriptLint :
Yahoo! JavaScript Developer Center :
Prototype : :
javascript manual :
ajaxpattern :
dom manual:

Javascript Articles Behaviour Driven Development Testing :

New in JavaScript 1.7 :
The Decorator Pattern for JavaScript :
Transparent Messages in JavaScript:
A flexible slideshow:
Lessons in JavaScript Performance Optimization:
bytefx: simple effects:
Upgraded jQuery Spy:
Dynamic Graphics in the Browser:
Yahoo! Browser-Based Authentication:
Fresh Logic Studios Scripts: OO JS
Ajax MVC:
Adventures in JavaScript testing:
Ajax & REST :
Eliminating async Javascript callbacks by preprocessing :
IE + JavaScript Performance Recommendations :
Dramatically improved IE7 JavaScript performance :
Scope in JavaScript :
Ajax services :
Live Filter :
JavaScript control of throbber :
Objectifying JavaScript :
Prototype Carousel Widget :
Tracking Ajax Requests in Analytics
jQuery Image Gallery: Transitions, thumbnails, reflections
Hacking Web 2.0 Applications with Firefox
Usability for Rich Internet Applications(필히읽어보세요)
AJAX Feedback Mechanism
Making Javascript DOM a Piece of Cake with the graft() Function
Ajax Loding image
Fixing the Back Button and Enabling Bookmarking for AJAX Apps
Tuning AJAX
Ajax indicators

CSS Library
각종CSS :  
W3C 규격 번역문 :
Yahoo! Design Pattern Library :
Yahoo! UI Library (YUI) :

CSS Articles
Architecting CSS:
12 Lessons for Those Afraid of CSS and Standards:
A CSS Crossfader :
Push my button :
Details on our CSS changes for IE7
폼 css
테이블 css

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